July 27th, 2006


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"Arab leaders, moreover, have learned to be suspicious of Rice's revolutionary ambitions — just a year ago, she spoke of spreading 'creative chaos' in the region. Iraq, after all, is Exhibit A of the Bush Administration's 'New Middle East,' and it's a bloody mess that is growing worse by the day. Now, for Act 2, the Arabs are being told to sit quietly while Israel tears Lebanon apart, after months of watching it slowly throttle Gaza through a U.S.-backed economic blockade, and then bomb it for weeks on end. Hardly surprising that the Arabs — from the U.S.-backed autocrats to the beleaguered liberal democrats and the rising Islamists — see little to cheer in the Bush Administration's 'new Middle East.'"

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Israel said the failure of the truce talks in Rome was an endorsement of its current operations. No, seriously. Also, looking for a way out of the current conflict, by both the BBC and Time.

Afghanistan faces a new, quieter (but still deadly) threat.

Courtesy eracerhead: Pennsylvania rape victim denied morning-after pill.

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"With the full force of the American consumer marketing establishment behind it, the skull has lost virtually all of its fearsome outsider meaning. It has become the Happy Face of the 2000’s. When the mid-1980’s proto-Goth group the Ministry sang 'Every Day Is Halloween,' this was not quite what they had in mind."

Also tonight on the SciFi Channel: a new horror mockumentary.

It's Comcastic!

So, not to be creepy, but all day long I've had this feeling of impending dread. Just that 'dark cloud over your shoulder feeling.' Kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not that plenty of shoes haven't been dropping as of recent, but hey, that's life, or something like it.

What I should have realized was... Comcast. Oh, sweet Comcast.