July 26th, 2006


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"...How will people feel about our troops being sent into the crossfire between rival Muslim sects? That is not the war anyone signed up to fight."
-Dan Froomkin

Admitting problems, the administration is sending more troops into Iraq. Dana Milbank covers the press conference with the Iraqi leader.

"Alberto Gonzales is achieving something remarkable, even miraculous, as attorney general: He is making John Ashcroft look good."

Ha ha ha. Mystery solved: "[Steele] realizes that he can't win being a conservative Republican in Maryland in 2006." (Bonus: Howard Kurtz on the case.)

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A new blog is dedicated to counting unfunny golf jokes on the comics page. Which is to say, all golf jokes.

DCeiver hits the highlights of the Hill Hotties of 2006.

Courtesy warmaster, how Hollywood hires butt doubles.