July 25th, 2006


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As I am sure yesterday's flurry of posts was a clue, Comcast has been messing with us again. Pretty much every night for the past few nights, the signal gets so bad that the internet slows to a crawl, and then gets basically unusable (even the cable gets jumpy now and then.) We've had a work order in place for over two weeks (and their first dispatch out here... never showed and no one knows why. Feh.)

And yep, for those of you playing along at home, those 'past few nights' covered both nights I had set aside for City of Heroes. Both nights, I got in a solid hour and a half of double experience, and then things got bad, and then worse, and then I just had to give up. Totally uncool. I want Comcast to powerlevel me on the game, now. They owe me that XP!

If it wasn't for their virtual monopoly, we'd totally have dropped them by now.

Dinner out tonight or tomorrow. Thursday, probably gaming (Urban War if I can ropeadope someone into teaching it.) Something or other Friday. Saturday, party. Sunday, too far away to consider.

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Good read: Andrew Cohen on the legal confusion over same-sex marriage.

"Israel has the right to defend itself - but how can this utterly disproportionate carnage be anything but counterproductive?" -Eugene Robinson

A fascinating study in finding bias in news coverage.

Why would the administration fire certain tax lawyers at the IRS? Ah, because of their job duties. Grr.

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Courtesy imamsawez: comparing Chernobyl and Katrina.

Reviewing the medical treatment of President Garfield. No, seriously.

Everyone's talking about Shyamalan, but not for the reasons you'd think.