July 23rd, 2006


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M. Night Shyamalan, you've done it again. Lady in the Water is excellently filmed, well cast and well acted. And, wow, it's, uh, weird and goofy in parts. It's an interesting urban fairy tale, quite literally. M. Night broke away from some of the conventions he's stuck to in all his other movies; conversely, he clung to some themes and points he's always clung to.

Bryce Dallas Howard was very good and very alien. Everyone was well-cast, and did their parts well, actually. It was a C-list extravaganza.

But, in case I wasn't clear above, it's *weird.* I was honestly chuckling during the closing credits about some things that happened during the movie. Once again, the failings really came down to the writing, and once again, this is where a strong-armed writer and producer could have made this an awesome flick.

So, yeah. Better than Signs, but not quite as concise as Unbreakable. If you liked most of his other movies, you'll probably like this one. I love the look he brings to the screen, and I wasn't disappointed by that at all. However, wow, yeah, I'm still in awe of some things he did here and not always in a good way. I enjoyed the movie, but I bet you'll be shaking your head at the end too.

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