July 21st, 2006


quickies, bold

My connection to OTD keeps timing out today, so email checking has been sporadic at best. Un-pleasant.

Heroclix last night was fun. I came in second! (Out of four people, heh.) Wolverine plus Bullseye would be a great combination, if Bullseye wasn't a lazy bastard. Also, Savage Mill is vaguely on the way home, so, this may become a semi-regular thing.

In related news, I'm getting excited about HorrorClix.

Work is goofy.

Turns out, despite a quick scare, the Ramada in Laurel *does* have karaoke this Saturday, so, whew.

Tonight, shaving (badly needed) and zomg CoH. Tomorrow, karaoke with alainduil. Sunday, many many things.

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"Presented with a crisis on the Israeli-Lebanese border in which the two pillars of his foreign policy - fighting terror and spreading democracy - were conspicuously at odds with each other, President Bush made it clear which pillar is dearest to his heart."
-Dan Froomkin

"President Bush's unwillingness to pressure Israel to halt its military campaign in Lebanon is rooted in a view of the Middle East conflict that is sharply different from that of his predecessors."
-Post analysis

Holy War, Unholy Alliance: 'The GOP sings the Religious Right's crazy tune.'

Dana Milbank on Bush at the NAACP. Plus, BAGnewsNotes picked up on a special guest star at the speech.

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Bush's surprise back rub for German Chancellor Merkel turns out to be a big hit on YouTube.

Examining the Neanderthal genome.