July 13th, 2006


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The Middle East at war: Israel clamps down on Lebanon. The Post analysis notes that we have few options in the crisis. The view from Beruit. And, of course, this all sends oil prices through the roof. Bonus: timeline.

"Congress really has to think about how fundamentally wrong the current system is."
-Newt Gingrich, courtesy Dana Milbank (good read)

Welcome to America, 2006: New Mexico nurse cleared of sedition claims. (Courtesy my dad.)

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New opera based on John Gardner's Grendel.

ZOMG flying spiders

Whoah. Can silk be used to repair damaged nerves?

that, this

Some possible forward momentum on the 'no package' front. Don't want to say too much until we know for sure, but by heavens, fingers crossed.

Yesterday, groovy time getting delivery Chinese and (successfully) hanging out with alainnduil and her lovely daughter, plus two goofy cats. Their apartment is only 25 minutes or so away from ours, which is keen. Hopefully to repeat in the near future.

Tonight, the end of Nation, with nine gazillion of my closest friends. Oontz oontz.

Tomorrow, the day off for recovery. Thereafter, game night or hanging out or somesuch?

Saturday, work, then a bachelor party (not mine.)

How do people feel about Karaoke on, say, Saturday the 22nd?