July 12th, 2006


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While it's a likely contender for "longest title of the year," Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was also a damn enjoyable movie. Not quite as tight as the original, I still found it a delightful mix of comedy and action. They did an excellent job of re-using the minor characters from the original (especially Pintel and Ragetti.) Parts of the trailer that I thought would annoy me ended up being fun scenes. Yes, it does leaves off on a cliffhanger, which is annoying, but I forgive them for it. Well worth seeing in the theaters. I might even end up going a second time.

Spoilers in comments, so, be forewarned.

New trailers:
* John Tucker Must Die - Um, maybe. After a few drinks. OK, a lot.
* Accepted - OK, see this is a clearly stupid movie that looks just stupid enough to crack me up.
* Transformers - Ting! Good job not showing anything. But still.
* The Guardian - The good news is, by doing this one movie together that I can ignore, both Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner saved us from having to not see two of their movies separately.

straw, camel's back

This may, in fact, be the winner.

Our mailboxes here at the apartment are tiny. Like, 3 inches tall by 3 inches wide by about a foot deep. Not much mail fits in comfortably, and I'm pretty confident one of our Netflix DVDs got snapped when they jammed it into the mail slot along with the other junk mail.

So the corporate office is now replacing the people who man the front desk (all locals, who i believe all in fact live in the building) with contractor security guards. Fine. But part of that contract is, they won't accept packages and hold them at the front desk for you. (Since, as you can guess based on the above, no package would fit into those tiny mailboxes.) And their solution for how we can get packages? "Make other arrangements." Starting, oh, Saturday. And they informed us yesterday evening.

We've put up with a lot from this place, but it's formally out of hand now.

The worst part is, the complex itself is fine, and the people are nice. It's all the management company deliberately trying to make living there uncomfortable.

Overcharge us for rent, and possibly screw up our credit? Fine. Keep telling us you'll take care of the problem, and never doing it? OK. Mess up the water about once a week? Sure, whatever. Let's not even discuss the annoyances of Comcast in an apartment situation. But make it so I can't use eBay or Amazon anymore? No, screw you hippies, this will not stand.


Who needs a drink, huh?

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"...The White House acknowledgment on Tuesday that a key clause of the Geneva Conventions applies to Qaeda detainees, as a recent Supreme Court ruling affirmed, is only the latest step in the gradual erosion of the administration's aggressive legal stance."
-NYTimes news analysis

"The president is always right." Dana Milbank also has some high comedy of the administration vs. Congress.

Good read: a new book on Gonzales as the architect of Bush's power grab.

The anti-terrorist database has some pretty goofy targets listed.

Fact-checking the president on missile defense.

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Nielsen ratings for TV commercials?