July 8th, 2006



The guy who works the shift before me, who has been *very* kind in the past, asked me to come in an hour early. Couldn't say no. So I knew I wouldn't be getting much sleep last night, even in comparison.

What I didn't expect was tze bebe to wake up literally *exactly* at the midway point between when I went to sleep and when I had to wake up. Like, to the minute. Sigh. And it took a good ten minutes to get her back to sleep comfortably.

So, yeah, Red Bull will definitely be in order for the partay tonight. And coffee will definitely be in order for today's shift. I mean, it always is, but yeah.

Got in a little City of the Heroes last night (28!) and Comcast didn't break while that was happening, so I can't really complain. OK, I *can*, because Comcast is *terrible*, but still.

Will be looking for a compatriot to catch Pirates with me some evening next week, as M. went yesterday. You have been warned.

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'Moving the economy, and the culture, from mass markets to million of niches, amounts to nothing less than a reordering of society, affecting everything from world markets to your plans for this weekend.'

BBC analysis of the Gaza situation, as Israel withdraws some troops. Time wonders why the administration stayed silent on the matter, and wonders if its a communication issue.

Moderate Republicans are unhappy with the Congressional Republicans right-wing summer push.

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The first half of 2006 at the box office.

Television execs embrace the online fan community.