July 7th, 2006



So, just in case anything else needed to go wrong these days, Comcast decided to screw up at home. TV works fine, but we're having intermittent problems getting to the internet. And by 'intermittent,' I mean 'down for hours yesterday, and down since last night too.' Let's not forget we do the Vonage too, so, no phones outside of cell. I'm gonna call and yell at Comcast in a few, but the short answer is:
M. is pretty much without internet or phone at this point. If you need to get a hold of her, call my cell or drop me an e-mail.

More in a few.

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Last night, M. and I snuck out to see the long-awaited Superman Returns. I'm pretty pleased with it. There were pacing issues, yes, and a distinct lack of supervillain punching. But the actors did a decent job. Parker Posey did her damnedest to steal the show, but man, if that Jimmy Olsen din't pull it off in a couple scenes. (My favorite: the burrito.) Spacey was exactly over-the-top enough. The writing only fell down a couple places. The direction was good, and IMHO did a good job at that 'sense of wonder' thing. Keeping so much of the original music was a great call, as was re-creating some famous Superman scenes/covers. So, good stuff, with a couple reservations. But hey, it's summer.

New trailers:
* The Ant Bully - Ye-ah. Big maybe, but didn't we have enough animated bug movies already?
* The Night Listener - Excellent cast, here's hoping it isn't overly predictable.
* Flyboys - Hey, I'm a big WW1 fan. Plus, Green Goblin! Wait. Well, either way, Tcheky Karyo.
* Spider-Man 3 - All over this. As was the audience. Though I think the Goblin flashes by too fast in the theater, as I heard a couple people ask what that was. Bonus: Topher Grace. Depending on how you define 'bonus.'
* Lady in the Water - I think this trailer is going to sell it to a lot of people. Of course, it's M. Night, so there's still room to goof it up. I'm signed up.

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Anti-gay marriage ruling: "The majority decision, written by Judge Robert S. Smith, found that limiting marriage to couples of the opposite sexes was based on legitimate societal goals, primarily the protection and welfare of children." (Courtesy pseudotheist.) Plus, NYTimes analysis calls it a setback.

Robert Scheer wants tougher Democrats.

Bush disrespects Harper at photo op.

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Genes reveal what color wooly mammoths were.

Whoah. They found a photo of Mozart's widow.