July 5th, 2006


generalissimo update

Holy pancholes, happy birthday to the magnificent frecklefaerie!

Back stateside, and back at work. Took the Metro from the *wrong* end this morning (Branch Avenue? MADNESS. It's like BizarroWorld.) Heading back there after work, hanging at M.'s parents' house, then M. and I drop off the munchkin, and have a (fingers crossed) relaxing evening of unpacking and detox.

Trip was fun, but a lot more family than I'm used to, both in concentration and volume, so I felt a bit claustrophobic at times.

Let's not discuss how much e-mail I have to go through, or LJ posts I need to catch up on. If there's something important I should glance at, drop me a line.

With all the driving, we've also made a dent in the book club book, and hmmm, definitely not what I expected. Definitely going to keep reading, though.

Tomorrow evening: Superman. Friday: wacky bebe night! Saturday night: party in Far Virginia (but a different part, heh.) Sunday and Monday, either nothing, or dentist. Time will tell. Sometime next week: the myth of "free time" I've heard so much about.

As always, the nagging feeling of something I'm forgetting.

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"What Americans know about their country is often incomplete, nebulous, or inchoate; and what they believe about their country is not always consistent, coherent, or rational."

NYTimes analysis of the first term of the Roberts Court: he's at the helm, but he's not in charge. Rock star Andrew Cohen says it's actually the Kennedy Court.

CIA closes its unit focused on capturing bin Laden.

BAGnewsNotes on reading into the war.

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So. Is Paris Hilton really dumb?

late night supplemental

Froomkin for the scoop! Details revealed on what Bush knew on the Plame affair, and when he knew it. (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

* Good read: On the ground with the troops in Ramadi.
* This whole Supreme Court is out of order.
* Today in creepiness: evangelicals lay claim to the Statue of Liberty.
* Complaints against debt collectors on the rise.
* Whoah. Three charged with stealing Coke's secret formula.
* Tonight's actual headline: Study: Fat people not more jolly

Yarr. Advertisers figure it out: everyone loves pirates.