July 1st, 2006


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Welcome to America, 2006: California tracked anti-war protesters using federal money and called it security. (And why does that company mentioned sound familiar...)

Courtesy sgeimh_solais: Frontline report from inside the Iraqi insurgency.

How corporate America is embracing equal rights for gays, lesbians, et al.

Good read: Richard Linklater brings two topical movies to the big screen.

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Today's top headline: Witch Doctors Join in AIDS Fight

Visiting the annual obituary writers conference.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is likely the last big news post until Wednesday or so.]

alrighty then

Clash of the Comics Titans
Battle Lines, if Blurry, Are Still Drawn Between Marvel and DC

(I have serious disagreements with this article, but I won't get into it now. Still worth reading, even to non-fans. Just take it with a grain of salt.)


That being said, heading out of here before too long. Pick up bebe, then pick up girlfriend, then it's down to the wrong part of Virginia for a family visit. Staying there until Monday, then heading to M.'s parents house for a day or so. Work Wednesday, then finally home Wednesday evening.

As aforementioned, there won't be much if any internet connectivity until Wednesday. Hope everyone has a great weekend and a fun holiday.