June 30th, 2006


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"Why doesn't George W. Bush want to win in Iraq? Seriously. The past several weeks have forced him to choose between two big goals: demonizing Democrats to help the GOP retain control of Congress and fostering a domestic climate that gives the new Iraqi government the best chance to survive. And, again and again, he has chosen door number one. This is what ex-Bush officials like Paul O'Neill and John DiIulio warned us about - and what Hurricane Katrina reaffirmed: that what matters in this administration is not policy, but politics. For all his talk about America's historical mission to defeat tyranny and spread freedom, there is only one mission to which George W. Bush has shown consistent devotion: winning elections. He acts less like the president than like the head of the Republican National Committee."
-Peter Beinart

Courtesy Pickett's brother: Amnesty International's groovy new public awareness campaign.

As seen elsewhere, the interesting essay "Why They Fight."

Bruce Shapiro on the Guantanamo ruling, plus much more coverage from Dan Froomkin, including a link to this article on Addington.

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Talking with Michael Winterbottom on his new Guantanamo movie. Also, new documentary features three soldiers' tales from Iraq.

OK, one more

"Ever since Sept. 11, the Bush administration has taken the necessity of heightened vigilance against terrorism and turned it into a rationale for an extraordinarily powerful executive branch, exempt from the normal checks and balances of our system of government. It has created powerful new tools of surveillance and refused, almost as a matter of principle, to use normal procedures that would acknowledge that either Congress or the courts have an oversight role."
-NYTimes.com editorial