June 28th, 2006


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"The potentially damaging political problem here is that the evidence continues to grow that the Bush White House's exercise of unchecked authority in the war on terror poses a serious threat to American civil liberties and privacy rights. It wasn't that long ago, after all, that an American president used the mechanisms of national security to spy on his political enemies."
-Dan Froomkin

The administration targets the NYTimes, and the Times editor responds. Also, Howard Kurtz and Dan Froomkin on the issue and coverage.

Also, Froomkin's megareview on presidential signing statements.

Dana Milbank looks at the aftermath of the flag-burning vote.

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A 'Stonehenge' in the Amazon?

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Oh, I get it. It wasn't a headache that I've had since last night, it's *dental* pain, I should have guessed. Since, you know, it's not like it won't be a busy couple weeks coming up or anything.

I'm going to pretend that it's going to go away. I mean, these things always do.

In other news, kudoes for Decore for making me dinner, and her and Goblin for a fun night of splitting up some Heroclix.