June 26th, 2006


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Man, wasn't there a time when we had free time for hanging out with friends? You know, for fun? What happened? (Oh, yeah, Real Life.)

Got a couple free hours over the past couple days to work on new icons, whee. Also mulling over the Half-Year Movie List, which is, shall we say, a little sparser than it has been in years past. That's as much the fault of Hollywood's offerings as my wallet, though.

A. is working late (actually late) most nights this week, so, I *might* have one early night out. Except that's probably going to be spent... packing for the big family (M.'s family, not mine) Fourth of July weekend. Leaving promptly Saturday after work, be more or less out of contact until Tuesday.

In case I neglect to say it later this week, good luck to everyone hitting Origins this weekend, hope you have been fun and bring me home lots of souvenirs.

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"I'd prefer a party that openly struggles to find the right policy over one that blindly follows the President over a cliff."

* The shadowy power of the most influential man in Iran.
* Karzai is losing support.
* What lobbying reform?
* The world's second-richest man is giving away most of his fortune.
* Examining 'gravity ripples.'
* Does anyone still believe in UFOs?
* Inside the mini-golf championship.

[UPDATE: courtesy the Baroness: Clowns Sabotage Nuke Missile]