June 24th, 2006



Man, one of my few demands for working Saturday is that there's no one else in the room, and if there is, they have to be well out of earshot.

This specifically means there should *not* be four contractors from out of town brought in on the weekend, and then they should *not* be crowded around a single desktop in the cube *next to me.* There's like 40 cubes in this room! All of the rest empty!

I require solitude. Solitude and my music. Not annoying smalltalk.

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"...Blind allegiance to the Republican Party has distorted the faith of politically active evangelicals, leading them to misguided positions on issues such as abortion and homosexuality." [Includes excerpt, well worth reading.]

New survey highlights the differences between Islam and the West.

Politicians like introducing bills that can't pass in the hopes of making a political point.

A town in Utah passed a resolution to protect the "natural family." That's when the controversy started.

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Conservative think tank discusses... 24. Huh. (WARNING: contains a picture of Rush Limbaugh kissing someone.)

Legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling passed away.

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Brief bebe note:
So, as noted, we watched The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (brief notes below) with the bebe thing last night. And they had this song during the end credits that was, as it turns out, entirely rockin'. Zoe hops off the couch, and starts rockin' out. Those of you who hit the wedding two summers ago would have recognized the dance she was doing, stomping and jumping, but only more hyper. It was pretty fantastic, she was a terrifying ball of energy.

(M. has more bebe-ness here.)

Netflix notes for The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl:
OK, if I ever do any psychedelic drugs, *this* is the movie I want to be watching when I do it. It's like a surreal morality play, wholly unrealistic (and unrepentant about it) and entirely crazy. I mean, it's not very good, either, but it was *so* trippy, I kind of forgive it. As long as Mr. Rodriguez goes back to making awesome movies now that he's gotten that and the Spy Kids movies out of his system.