June 23rd, 2006


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"Cheney really loathes weakness. And like his fellow neoconservatives, he is consumed with the conviction that an all-powerful United States is both imperative to American security and the best thing for the world. Moral leadership, multilateralism, containment, human rights - those are all less crucial than maintaining unquestioned power, at the point of a gun if necessary."
-Dan Froomkin (good read)

Suspected terrorists arrested in Florida.

How about Bush's new spy service?

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What's cooler, an 110 million year-old spider web, or jewelry from 100,000 years ago?

Fametracker's Fame Audit of... Stephen Colbert.

an easy wrapup

Tonight, bringing home tze bebe for the whole weekend, yay. Work tomorrow, then it's her and me all evening as M. has a prior engagement. More bebe Sunday, dropping her off at school Monday, in theory.

Hopefully, will find some time to work on a mix CD, and some LJ icons, as it's almost that time of year. Straightening up my toys wouldn't be a terrible idea, either.

I'm going to try to convince her (tze bebe, not M.) that she'd like to watch Clone Wars, but I suspect that might fall through. We did Netflix Shark Boy & Lava Girl, which I've been told she enjoys, and I've been looking forward to watching.

In other news, that 'eight questions' meme going around is too hard, so I'm giving up preemptively. Take that, verb tense!