June 20th, 2006


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"It was a bumpy start to an odd interview, as Rumsfeld cited poor memory, loose office procedures, and a general distraction with 'the wars' in Iraq and Afghanistan to explain why he was unsure how his department came to nearly squander $30 billion leasing several hundred new tanker aircraft that its own experts had decided were not needed... But a copy of the transcript, obtained recently by The Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act after a year-long wait, says a lot about how little of Rumsfeld's attention has been focused on weapons-buying -- a function that consumes nearly a fifth of the $410 billion defense budget, exclusive of expenditures in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Must read: one of the reporters kicked out of Guantanamo describes the wacky event.

Good read from a new book: "If there was even a 1 percent chance of terrorists getting a weapon of mass destruction — and there has been a small probability of such an occurrence for some time — the United States must now act as if it were a certainty." More on the book, and the significance, from Dan Froomkin.

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"...[the] non-denominational mega-church, whose sprawling, shopping center-like campus includes a 2,500-car parking garage, two auditoriums, a book store, and a food court. Welcome to the new face of American Christianity, where dynamic mega-churches are increasingly prominent in public life.

"A Pentagon document classifies homosexuality as a mental disorder, decades after mental health experts abandoned that position."

Predicting the urban world of 2050.