June 18th, 2006


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"Motorcycle fatalities involving riders without helmets have soared in the nearly six years since Gov. Jeb Bush repealed the state's mandatory helmet law."

Good read: James Wolcott on the reality in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Courtesy Iceman.)

* Will India become the world's next superpower?
* The 'curious concept' of the life sentence in prison.
* China's mobile death penalty truck. No seriously. Courtesy Ocho.
* The money's there for New Orleans, but there's still no rebuilding plan.
* The mystery of the declining rate of rape in America.
* Murtha replies to Rove.
* Catalonia votes for autonomy.
* Star Trek fans shoot their own videos.
* The Australian Army vs. toads.

Today's top headline: Fans lose trousers to gain entry

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.