June 16th, 2006


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After a tasty Mexican dinner in the wilds of Virginny, trekked up to a perfectly lovely night at the club. Took the music a little bit to get rolling, but oh, once it did, it kept on rolling. I kept telling myself I'd get a drink after the next good song, but they just kept coming and coming; it was beyond my control. Plus, I only almost got in one fight! Ended up rocking out until 1:20, after which, the long trek home. Bless her heart, Selene was still up, and she helped me stay awake until time to shower and drive back out to work this morning. Definitely going to be napping once I get home this afternoon.

So I am sore. In fact, I feel beat up. My back hurts, my legs hurt. (Diagnosis: not enough tequila.) But oh so worth it.

I am certainly going to miss Nation. Someone will eventually pick up Alchemy, but I am a big fan of the physical site itself.

In related news, a certain someone was totally rocking a square dance skirt last night.

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"Emergency medical care in the United States is on the verge of collapse, with the nation's declining number of emergency rooms dangerously overcrowded and often unable to provide the expertise needed to treat seriously ill people in a safe and efficient manner."

And if that isn't worrying enough, Homeland Security says the country isn't prepared for disasters.

E.J. Dionne Jr. on the evangelical shift.

LiveOnline transcript with Dana Milbank. (Bonus: CAPSLOCK ACTION.)

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Electoral college shenanigans: how about a plan to ensure the winner of the popular vote gets the White House?

Changing the words of the Catholic mass.

history_spork takes on... First Knight.

NPR presents Beethoven's Nine.