June 15th, 2006


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Plans last night were postponed, so got a quiet evening with Selene, just what the doctor ordered. Didn't get much accomplished otherwise; don't particularly care.

Work was busy before I got here, and it's gonna be busy after I leave. Allow me to write an in-depth essay on how I love busy work.

Bebe pictures came in yesterday, and they're pretty darn cute, I admit. Will hopefully get scans online soonly.

In a shocking turn of events, clubbing tonight. Hope to see some of you there.

Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed:
Attractive younger woman on the Metro opposite me. Shoulder-length blonde hair, petite nosering, ankle tattoo of a bunch of stars prominent thanks to her strappy sandals. Also, her white toenail polish. (May have actually been WhiteOut, I didn't ask.) She was not notable for the David Sedaris book she was reading (blech,) nor, oddly enough, for the coffee machine she was carrying (it wasn't in a box or anything. Maybe she just really likes coffee.) No, what boggled my mind was that her bright green and white floral print handbag was made of the exact same bright green and white floral print fabric as her fluffy skirt.

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"A federal judge in Brooklyn ruled yesterday that the government has wide latitude under immigration law to detain noncitizens on the basis of religion, race or national origin, and to hold them indefinitely without explanation."

Good one: reading between the lines of Bush's surprise Iraq visit.

BAGnewsNotes on Time's Zarqawi cover.

Today's stupidest headline: Why Do Young Teens Have Sex?

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"A growing understanding of human genetics is prompting fresh consideration of how much control people have over who they are and how they act."

Superman as Christ figure?

Spider-man publically reveals his secret identity.