June 6th, 2006



1. An era has passed. My beloved Y2J keychain broke at some point over the weekend. The J snapped right off, meaning I can't carry my keys in my mouth as easily as I did before. Sad. It was a souvenir from ninjacooter from a trip to New York, and a beloved possession that totally marked me as a pro wrestling fan from back when pro wrestling was *awesome.* Sigh.

2. Netflix Notes on Mrs Henderson Presents: Bob Hoskins fans, if you ever wanted to see his wiener, this is the movie for you. Oh, it's a good movie otherwise, sure, but, y'know, the full Hoskins. Right there. (P.S. - if anyone sends me a screencap of this, I will make it into an LJ icon, and reply to *each of their posts* *every single day.* Then I will burn their house down.)

3. Netflix Notes on Ghost World: Wait, Thora Birch can act? Does anyone else know this?

4. City of Heroes fans - I7 live *today*! OMG WTF LOL BBQ ETC

4 1/2. Star Wars Minis fans: new expansion in stores today sometime this week!

4 3/4ths. Mega news post, soonly.

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"The truth is, in 2006 it is difficult to write in a public forum about anything even remotely political, without stimulating a torrent of abuse. I perceive — and other writers on current affairs say so as well — that this problem has gotten worse in recent years."

The unvarnished photographic history of the Iraq war.

Howard Kurtz on why it took so long for the Haditha story to catch on. Also, BAGnewsNotes takes on some of the visuals. Andrew Sullivan has a good piece on where blame lies. Also, NYTimes editorial on where to go from here.

NPR special: anti-gay marriage initiatives nationwide.

What if we had an exciting new medical privacy law, but never enforced it?

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Good read: living in a world of conspiracy.

This I Believe: The Rule of Law.

Bringing organic food to the masses.

China looks to weather control for their Olympics.