May 30th, 2006


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Selene, Nimue and I ducked out of the cookout yesterday to catch X-men: The Last Stand. Now, previously, I had been warned it was pretty bad, so I lowered my (already low) expectations and gave it a shot. And you know, it wasn't that bad. I mean, it wasn't the best X-men movie, no, but it was still good for a comic book movie, and enjoyable as a movie as a whole.

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New trailers:
* Superman Returns - New trailer, this one with the "eye scene" people were raving about. I'm now officially looking forward to this one, also, despite my fears of Spacey hamming it up.
* My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Could be good, could be bad. Trailer had some people laughing. She does throw a shark at him.
* Snakes on a Plane - Teaser trailer, still had people chatting and snickering.
* Ghost Rider - It does look pretty, granted. But I liked this movie a lot when it was called The Crow. Nevertheless, could be decent, time will tell.
* The Omen - Liev Schreiber makes any remake better. But Julia Stiles, shouldn't you be in something better? (David Thewlis, you belong right here, so sit back down.)

I expect the comments to be spoilery, so, enter at your own risk.

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* Dottie Lynch wonders where the anti-war movement is.
* Nice. The EU's highest court bars passing passenger data to the US. Plus, BBC Q&A.
* More US troops are being sent into the Anbar province. Also, a reporter realizes she knows the troops in question in the Haditha probe.
* The Supreme Court limits whistleblower lawsuits and free speech on the job.
* The House will question Gonzales over the Jefferson raid.
* Reflooding the Iraqi marshes. (Courtesy Northram.)
* Women in Kashmir declare jihad on beauty salons.
* How about smarter space-exploring robots?
* Metro plans to make stations brighter. Finally.