May 26th, 2006


catching up

Whuf. Been a long week. Work's quieted down, sort of. We got back one of the three casualties (Annoying Team Lead, naturally, although he's moving to a different group, so, thath's something.) They're still working on reviving the other two, but it doesn't look hopeful. Many shorthanded workdays ahead.

The *real* casualty of increased monitoring at work (as you can see, I'm not being strictly faithful here) is that I haven't been able to keep up on my comic book links and most of my gaming links. Le yikes. Makes me sad inside, and I know all the people I forward goofy links too are missing out as well.

Despite prodigious goofing off and procrastinating, I got a lot of painting done this week. Last night was an epic painting session, in fact. Will be table-ready for the megabattle on Saturday, so, yay. Looks to be fun.

And as I had a deadline (and a slavedriving gamemaster) I've been forced to actually finish painting an army, a huge chore for me. I will confess, though, there is a certain sense of accomplishment going on here. Might have to try and turn this into a habit, as time permits.

As previously noted, getting sucked back into larping. Le sigh. Doing my homework, though.

I totally need one day to just catch up on sleep, at this rate.

* Who's who in the new X-men movie. Also, chatting with the actors and actresses.
* Fametracker's Fame Audit of Paul Bettany. (Say what you will, but I still love A Knight's Tale.)
* Cate Blanchett to play... Bob Dylan.
* SciFi Channel to get... pro wrestling? (Courtesy Magistrate.)

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"A Congressional inquiry into online data brokers has raised concerns that federal and local law enforcement may be skirting privacy laws to obtain calling records."

Good read: Dana Milbank on Hastert the wrestler standing up to the administration.

So, uh, does the domestic surveillance actually work?

"Despite mounting criticism of the war in Iraq, American support of troops serving there has not waned."

The plight of civilian truckers in Iraq.

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The source of HIV is found in wild chimps.

Bloomberg calls for an end to the political manipulation of science.

A quick pic of Borat at Cannes. Not really work-safe, and, er, not really home-safe either.