May 22nd, 2006


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"[The Republican Party's] in trouble, so someone is going to have to pay, and in this case it's same-sex couples who dare to fall in love and then seek the same basic protections for their relationships that everyone else expects."

Gonzales wants to prosecute reporters who publish leaks.

* 'How Iraq police reform became a casualty of war.'
* Reopening the Abu Ghraib investigation - how far up does it go?
* Why the newly-formed Iraqi government has no options for quick fixes.
* A world of kidnapping and ransom.
* Saudi textbooks show a distinct lack of reform.
* A different look at rebuilding Beruit.
* Why not ban Iran from the World Cup?

* The domestic prison population is on the rise.
* Continuing the war on e-mail spam.
* The TV networks are branching out - outside the box, even - for new venues for stories, and commercials.
* On that fake Rove indictment story for a couple weeks ago, and a lawyer's cat.
* What about that other Wonder Woman?

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Poseidon was everything I expected, which is to say, a really soggy disaster movie. It was a little scarier for me, but that's my 'no fan of water' thing talking. But you know the drill, you got your ragtag team together, and they have to rely on each other to survive, etc. Not a huge number of surprises in there, but it did all look nice on the big screen. Not enough Andre Braugher, but we got that chick from Phantom of the Opera and Jacinda Barrett, so I can't complain. OK, and Kurt Russell should have been playing Snake Plisskin, but yeah.

New trailers:
* Invincible - Tragically, not based on the comic book of the same name, this is yet another inspiring sports movie, as an old rookie gets a spot on a team. Can he survive against the odds? The odds, of course, about this movie being made *yet another time*, and getting audiences to care?
* Miami Vice - Still looking sharp. Will it work without the 80's soundtrack?
* The Devil Wears Prada - Not as much a trailer as a long clip from the movie. Garnered big 'ehns' from the audience.
* Gridiron Gang - The Rock takes on a serious role as a football coach to imprisoned youths. I'm sure he can play the role, but the script looks, uh, kinda generic.
* The Lake House - Goofy romance premise, based on a Korean movie. Reuniting the couple from Speed. Let me know how that works out, guys.

Over the Hedge was big fun. As previously noted, saw it with three adults and three children, and everyone enjoyed it. I was a big fan of the (not so) subtle commentary on everyday life, and the parts where the movie went way surreal (anytime you have to pan out to show the entire planet from space is a good call.) The hyperactive squirrel really stole the show, but all the cartoon voices were excellent. (William Shatner!) Very recommended.

New trailers:
* Monster House - Could be cute. Animation feels a little off, though.
* Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties - Oh, no. Though it looks better than #1, the very existence of #1 precludes me from risking seeing #2.
* How To Eat Fried Worms - Based on the kids' book of the same name. Couple funny bits in there.
* Nacho Libre - They're really pushing this. I'm still entertained by the trailers.
* Barnyard - Also being pushed hard, also not doing much for me.
* Flushed Away - Obviously Aardman characters, but computer animated. Maybe, but I'm skeptical.