May 10th, 2006


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General gaming updates:
- I need about one more day a week just for City of Heroes. (Croatoa is fun!)
- I haven't gotten any real painting done for the 40k Megabattle at the end of the month. This is tragic.
- About as tragic as the fact that my attention span is most often distracted by Warmachine or Heroclix these days, with a little Star Wars thrown in on the side.
- Oh, and to top this all off, all my Saturdays are packed with various affairs, meaning no time for Heroclix.
- I *have* gotten things assembled and primed, for a single step in the right direction.

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Two quotes, courtesy Jon Stewart, via Dan Froomkin:

"He's the right man to lead this important agency at this critical moment in our nation's history."
-President Bush, introducing Porter Goss.
"He's the right man to lead the CIA at this critical moment in our nation's history."
-President Bush, introducing Michael Hayden, two years later.

Metro considers making its cars less comfortable. No, really.

What if you tried to spark partisan infighting in Congress, but no one cared?

Courtesy BAGnewsNotes: Dick Cheney's non-interview and the gang of three.

Howard Kurtz on the media's New Orleans fatigue.

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"Nearly half of the nation's children under five are racial or ethnic minorities, and the percentage is increasing."

Utah launches an organized-crime investigation of Warren Jeffs's sect.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, beset by fairy doors.