May 2nd, 2006


the morning seven

"As the Bush administration has dramatically accelerated the classification of information as 'top secret' or 'confidential,' one office is refusing to report on its annual activity in classifying documents: the office of Vice President Dick Cheney."

Courtesy Iceman: Bush explains he intends to violate the laws he signs by using signing statements. Well worth reading. (Bonus: graphic.)

"The Secret Service has agreed to turn over White House visitor logs that will show how often Jack Abramoff, the convicted former lobbyist, met with Bush administration officials - and with whom he met."

More comedy from the administration over Medicare and Social Security.

Dan Froomkin covers Colbert's performance for the President and press corps. [UPDATE: Howard Kurtz too.]

The City Paper discusses what people do when they're waiting for the cops.

Letters from a WW1 rifleman.

I wish I could remember what else I had to post...

Courtesy Ocho: the Mission Accomplished numbers, three years later.

Kevin Drum wonders why Republicans opposed mileage standards for cars. Ten states are planning a challenge. Republicans decide against their $100 gas rebate idea (good call.)

"Much of the U.S. government no longer believes in, and is no longer acting to enforce, the Bush Doctrine."

Courtesy Khan Imam: The Rehabilitation of the Cold-War Liberal

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BAGnewsNotes on Colbert's performance.

Rush Limbaugh tries to save face.

An ATM card that lets you withdraw real money earned in your video game?