April 30th, 2006



"The New York Times obtained the basic records for every murder in the city over the last three years, and while the events make for disturbing reading, the numbers can hint at trends, occasionally solve a mystery and in at least some straightforward way answer for the city the questions of who kills and who is killed in the five boroughs."

the facts, ma'am.

Dinner at Marrakesh:
Very tasty. Got to see lots of friends, but of course not enough of them for long enough. Dancer was cool, balanced a sword on her hip while she danced, which was impressive. Meal felt a little rushed at times, but then again, there was over 30 of us, so, yeah. (I also felt special because I knew everyone there.)
The gay bar afterwards:
Very amusing, most of the time.
Fun anecdote:
At the end of the evening, one of my other straight cohorts confided in me that he had not had his ass grabbed by that many men in one night before. I mentioned to him, my ass remained ungrabbed the entire evening. The reason? There was not one single gay guy in there with long hair. Seriously. I might as well have been wearing a straight sign.
Birthday girl:
Had a happy birthday, so, success.

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My Guantanamo Diary: Face to Face With the War on Terrorism

* The gas price hikes are starting to affect other things.
* Write your own joke: the administration says it fears Guantanamo prisoners will be abused in foreign prisons once we let them go.
* Iran and the US, the new Cold War.
* 'Why China and Russia Will Continue to Support Autocracies'
* The new focus on leaks brings new pressure to journalists.
* Why appearance is not what matters for Saudi reformers.

Good read: analyzing the legacy of legendary economist J.K. Galbraith.

(Thanks to everyone who sent the Colbert stuff, compiling it for a separate post later, because it's fantastic.)