April 26th, 2006


Catching up...

Sunday, Selene and I took tze bebe out to the woods for some Earth Day cleanup (along with some of Selene's friends.) Selene saved a fish! I saved, uh, a soccer ball. It's a long story. Anyways, got totally muddy, but had a fair amount of fun and met some cool new people.

Monday, Book club success. not a huge crowd, but we had some good discussion of the Dan Savage book, which I highly recommend. And, due to a twist of fate, the book we're reading for next month is Starship Troopers. I didn't even nominate it! I am, however, threatening to bring along miniatures, as this is the first time I'll have been able to do that for any book.

And tracking down said book, I figured out that Second Story Books is, in fact, about two blocks from tze bebe's daycare. This is a dangerous thing. I did find an ancient copy of the first book of the John Carter of Mars series, though, set me back all of two dollars. (And yes, they had another copy of the book club book on the shelves, in case anyone's so inclined.)

Last night we watched The Jacket, which was pretty dull. Last week was Stay, which was better than I expected.

Tomorrow, gaming (Warmachine, likely.) Friday, City of the Heroes, likely. Saturday, big birthday party for a certain someone at Marrakesh, which I haven't been to before. Possibly other shenanigans thereafter. Sunday, more bebe.

REMINDER: new Lost tonight. Stupid recap episode tonight.

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"Where has the President been for the last three years or so, as we've seen gas prices skyrocket? First, he promised the Iraq War would lower gas prices. As his senior economic adviser stated in 2002: 'The key issue is oil, and a regime change in Iraq would facilitate an increase in world oil, which would drive down oil prices, giving the U.S. economy an added boost.' It turns out that the Iraq War didn't increase world oil, only oil profits. So, then, President Bush promised that his energy policy (which included massive tax breaks for the oil industry) would help our energy crisis. Well, it did not help, but that result is to be expected when our nation's energy policy is drafted by the oil industry."

Why gas prices won't go down. The Wall Street Journal judges the Republican response.

Time explains why Bush chose Snow.

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I heard it on NPR: we are in the greatest age of space exploration.

Clearing up J.J. Abrams involvement in the new Star Trek movie.