April 25th, 2006


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"President Bush rode a 14-vehicle motorcade there and back to the Marriott Wardman to talk to the Renewable Fuels Association about energy conservation and other topics. En route, the motorcade passed the Exxon station next to the Watergate, where gas prices were $3.29, $3.39 and $3.49 a gallon. Just saying."
-Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle

Several hundreds of women and girls in Iraq have gone missing.

Trials and tribulations in trying to rebuild an Iraqi pipeline.

Today's fun chart: linking gas prices and presidential approval ratings. (Courtesy pollkatz.)

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Press secretary-dom: McClellan's greatest hits, and some choice quotes from Tony Snow.

Graffiti artists use acid on subway cars.

Helloo dissonant_etak: "But today there's a grassroots revival of the raucous sport, and it's being led by women like those who are part of Baltimore's Charm City Roller Girls... one of dozens of all-female roller derby leagues popping up around the country."