April 21st, 2006


catching up in a hurry

Wednesday was a tasty dinner, courtesy of my favorite Persian. We hit this fine little Ethiopian dive in Baltimore called Duke Nukem Dukem, right near the University. Totally heading back there soon.

Last night was a demo of the minis game for Starship Troopers. Fun little game, fast paced but tactically challenging (in a "your resources are limited, but you *really* need to know how to make them count, and fast" sort of way.)

Weekend = packed. Monday = (riotous) book club.

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"George W. Bush, on the other hand, does not tolerate dissent, argument, bitter internal battles. He is the decider. He decides, and the White House carries through. He is loyal to his aides, who carry out his wishes. (It is unclear whether this is a loyalty born of emotional connection or one born of calculation: Do it my way and the tong protects you.) His loyalty means they will most likely not be fired or leaked against, no matter what heat they take from the outside. And so his aides move forward with the sharpness and edge of those who know their livelihoods and status are secure."
-Peggy Noonan

Dana Milbank on the indignities presented during the Chinese president's visit. Also, a news analysis of the problems of penetrating the silk curtain.

Frustration on the ground in the war on terrorism.

How a tax dispute is threatening a polygamist Fundamentalist Mormon town out west.

I heard it on NPR: are we facing a new Cold War with Russia?

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Interesting challenges for Muslims in space. (Also courtesy Emerald.)

J.J. Abrams reportedly working on new Star Trek movie.