April 14th, 2006


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Thank You for Smoking was a fun treat of a movie. Not quite the fair and balanced look at things I was secretly hoping for, but they certainly had their moment in that regard. Aaron Eckhart is fantastic, and I think this'll be the one that puts him on the map. (Though, one of Rob Lowe's costumes does its best to steal the show.) Highly entertaining.

The real treat for me was that the cast was chock full of B and C list stars. Seriously, we get: Dick from High Fidelity, Champ from Anchorman, Nurse Roberts from Scrubs, Joanie Stubbs from Deadwood, freakin' J. Jonah Jameson, and many more. Positively fantastic for a movie dork like myself.

Next up, the Old Greenbelt appears to be getting Transamerica, which I think I'm also on board for.

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"So, either Bush is out of the loop and has no idea what the facts are regarding America's decision-making when it comes to going to war, or Bush likes to jump the gun and make definitive statements to the American people about why we need to go to war, but he uses evidence that he knows isn't even real yet. So tell me again, Scottie, which one is it? Is Bush ignorant or simply a liar?"
-John Aravosis (See also Dick Polman.)

A talk with John Negroponte.

More retired generals call for Rumsfeld's resignation, but they say this isn't a coordinated effort. Also, David Ignatius agrees.

Omaha votes to split its school districts along racial lines.

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Hollywood finds religion.

A Sesame Street for a younger audience.