April 3rd, 2006


Plans gone awry

Bebe didn't sleep well at all last night. Woke up from a nightmare about when she banged her noggin last week, woke up a couple more times during the night as well. Selene, as always, was instrumental to getting her back to bed promptly. Unfortunately, due to that and my tummy, we misse dhte new episode of Robot Chicken. Feh.

So the plan for this morning was simple. Drop bebe off at day care, go get temporary crown on tooth reseated (it came loose at some point over the weekend.) Slept through alarms, naturally, woke up with barely enough time to get us out the door in time to get bebe to school on time. But driving up there, bebe started complaining that she was sick, and that she felt like throwing up. After stopping the car once for this, we decided that she actually was sick and not malingering.

Luckily, we could alter plans. Selene volunteered to watch bebe while I got dental fix done. And, it turned out, bebe was healthy enough to play at the playground next to the lake while I was busy. Grumble grumble. Have to keep an eye on this extra-naughty behavior.

So, extra trip out tonight, to drop her off with her mother. Hooray!

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"One of the things that frustrates many of us who care about our country and the truth is the rampant barrage of misinformation, disseminated by such vociferous special interests, whether they are ethnocentric social activists, labor unions, the Catholic Church or Corporate America. The truth is advocates of amnesty, guest-worker programs and open borders are unconcerned about the 280 million American citizens, the men and women of this country who work for a living and their families."
-Lou Dobbs

Whatever happened to that dialog on poverty that Katrina brought in?

"You might think 55 months would be enough to produce an anti-terrorism plan. You'd be wrong."

Average Joe? Trying to boost support, Bush plays up his anti-intellectual, regular-guy image.

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Ten things we didn't know this time last week.