March 31st, 2006


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Upcoming big things that will make me happy:

1.) Being done with general pain - Between my teeth and the headaches, I realized the other night that I've been having general, low-level pain for the past couple months, more or less. Getting the one tooth fixed now. I'm just going to have them remove the other one, when the time comes; it's literally just too expensive to fix it. And if I'm going to spend a mint to get a tooth fixed, it's going the be the one up front, kthnx. (Which reminds me, need to talk to the dental school again.)

2.) Having disposable income again - Seriously. It's been a super-tight couple months. Like, everything is spoken for, and still juggling late bills pretty much every month. It'd be fancy to have the cash around to, you know, on an impulse, hit a movie, or go out to dinner, or hit karaoke or somesuch. Without having to plan four weeks ahead of time. Not to mention, groceries! Whoo.

Speaking of which, let me explain how I'm spending too much money on gas. The budget is pretty much spoken for when my paycheck arrives, including a certain amount for gas until the next paycheck. Now, gas just got more expensive again in the past couple weeks. This is part A. Part B is, I get paid on the 10th and the 25th. You'll note, that, if it's a longer month (say, one with 31 days,) that makes the gap between paychecks a little longer between months.

Which brings me to...

3.) Moving closer to College Park - I actually like Baltimore, but yeah, too far away from work and friends and family and pretty much everything. Plus, more bebetime, added bonus.

OK, enough bitching for now. News later. New icons soonly.

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"Slowly but surely, investigative reporter Murray Waas has been putting together a compelling narrative about how President Bush and his top aides contrived their bogus case for war in Iraq; how they succeeded in keeping charges of deception from becoming a major issue in the 2004 election; and how they continue to keep most of the press off the trail to this day. What emerges in Waas's stories is a consistent White House modus operandi: That time and time again, Bush and his aides have selectively leaked or declassified secret intelligence findings that served their political agenda - while aggressively asserting the need to keep secret the information that would tend to discredit them."
-Dan Froomkin

Dana Milbank on the immigration catfight. (Bonus: Scarlet Letter reference.) Poll finds Americans divided on the issue. And hey, what about NAFTA?

Heh. John Dean testifies in favor of Bush censure.

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Poll finds TV viewers don't want government regulation of content.

Courtesy Ocho: 87 bad predictions about the future.