March 22nd, 2006


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"I think we've reached a point where much of the country has tuned out Bush. The people who like him and the people who dislike him aren't changing their minds. The people who support the war and the people who think it's a total disaster are dug into their positions... Bush is in the unenviable position of saying much the same thing day after day, which is why he's not breaking through."
-Howard Kurtz

"Bush tried to explain. But in the end, what he provided was yet another example of what others see - and he doesn't. That would be reality."
-Dan Froomkin

The administration has funneled at least $157 million in taxpayer money to groups that support its agenda on social issues.

Jeff Greenfield examines election predictions and the war.

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"This berserk little B-movie is obviously the greatest zombie flick ever set in an experimental women's prison."

Today's comic book history: the original swamp monster hero.

Today's animated icon: ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you.