March 17th, 2006


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So, I managed to hurt my back. At some point Wednesday night, I twisted something near the center of my spine, feels like someone punched me really hard. Isn't too bad during the day as long as I get up to move now and then, but man, makes waking up in the morning feel like a train wreck. I'm hoping I just bent something funny, and that it'll go away on its own.

New LJ style totally stolen from that girl of numbers. Hope work is slow enough today for me to be able to play with it.

Another gaming post is in the works. You've been warned.

Warmachine tourney at Chez Magistrate on Sunday, wish me luck.

A couple bebe pics too, once peril stops goofing around.

Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed:
Rolling into the Greenbelt Metro at too-damn-early-o'clock this morning, eight or so loud college kids are heading up to the platform as well. All wearing matching bright green t-shirts. Talking about drinking. One made a comment about all the people around them going to work, and the one guy said, if I may quote "we're going to work - on a keg!" Yep, they were, in fact, heading to a bar at 5:50 AM. My fellow commuter zombies weren't all that entertained, but I sort of was. Happy St. Patty's Day, you young alcoholics you. I was so jealous, I made sure to sit in another car so I didn't have to listen to them.

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"There is no specific mention of a 'Vote-a-Rama' in the Constitution, which is probably because the Framers could not have imagined what happened in the Senate yesterday: The chamber's 100 members gathered and, in a frenzy of legislative activity, did their darnedest to empty the Treasury. It was the political equivalent of going on a shopping spree the same day you get a credit-line increase on your over-the-limit card. In the morning, the senators increased the federal debt limit by $800 billion, to $9 trillion - that's with a T. In the afternoon came the Vote-a-Rama, a carnival in which the lawmakers took turns pitching scores of amendments to the 2007 budget measure, most calling for more money for favorite programs."
-Dana Milbank

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"The Pentagon's defence scientists want to create an army of cyber-insects that can be remotely controlled to check out explosives and send transmissions."

Today's headline: How William Shatner Changed the World