March 13th, 2006


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* How the burgeoning Iraqi civil war is changing life for the citizens.
* "Our Opportunity With India" by Condi Rice
* How 9/11 changed the CIA.
* "The Dick Cheney era of foreign policy is over."
* Building resistance to Iran's theocracy.
* Feingold calls for censure of the president.
* Analysis: Bush vs. isolationism.
* The worst outcome for the Milosevic trial.
* Islamic Calvinism - pro-business and pro-free market.
* Democrats (slightly) change how they do their primary season. Also, BAGnewsNotes on the anti-Hilary.
* Media company Knight Ridder to be sold.
* Looking for the science of sexual orientation.

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Root canal = survived.

New doctor was pretty cool. She had me laughing while working on things, so mad props. I might request her next time. That is, if I can every afford to go to the dentist ever again. Yeesh. I distinctly remember a time when I had this thing called 'disposable income.'

Now, waiting patiently for the novocaine to wear off, and for Giant to fill my new (and of course expensive) prescription.