March 10th, 2006


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Everything was broken when I came in this morning, and it still isn't any better two and a half hours later. It's not a NOC problem, but all the bosses are in here because we're the center for panic communications.

In other terrible news, today's payday, but I'm already in financial hot water. If something doesn't change on the money front soon, I'm going to have to take Drastic Measures (look into debt consolidation, declare bankruptcy, or, you know, rob a bank, get rid of the car, or something along those lines.)

Hey, at least my teeth aren't hurting.

More later, if I'm not busy crying.
[UPDATE 1438 ET: The morning report that I do daily, which has to go out at 7:45 every morning (and is solely responsible for a lot of my stress about getting here late,) made it out today... right around 2:30 pm.]

Now that work's quieted down...

Bush thinks the ports-deal rejection sends a bad message. NYTimes analysis discusses the implications for free trade abroad. David Ignatius on the dangers of anti-Arab sentiments at home. David S. Broder covers the Republican breakdown.

"Political momentum is growing for a change in federal policy that would require government-funded health researchers to make the results of their work freely available on the Internet."

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Today's awesome science headline: Rat-squirrel back after 11-million-year absence