March 8th, 2006


oh, snap

"The problem for President Bush is a growing perception that he simply isn't competent. That's the story behind the polling numbers that have declined - bad week by bad week - since February 2005 when the president's approval rating stood at a respectable 52 percent. The predecessor whom Bush has begun to resemble isn't, as many liberal Democrats seem to believe, Richard Nixon. It's Jimmy Carter. Carter's political demise began when the American people, including many Democrats, started to perceive him as in over his head in the Oval Office. That's what may be happening now to Bush."

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"The State Department called the human rights records of key Arab allies poor or problematic on Wednesday, citing flawed elections and torture of prisoners in Egypt, beatings, arbitrary arrest and a lack of religious freedom in Saudi Arabia, and floggings as punishment for adultery or drug abuse in the United Arab Emirates. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited all three of those nations last month, calling each a strategic partner or stalwart ally that wields regional influence or helps in such areas as anti-terror investigations."

Rumsfeld says the media is exaggerating the death toll in Iraq. Riiight.

Andrew Cohen on how things might have gone on 9/11.

Dick Meyer on the lack of real reform on the Hill.

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Tony Blair found religion? Conspiracy theorists, start your engines.

Today's headline: Democrats See Allen's Invincibility Cloak Loosening