February 23rd, 2006


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* NYTimes analysis: "The gaping holes in security at American ports have little to do with the nationality of who is running them."
* Post analysis: is it a legitimate security fear, or xenophobia?
* Dan Froomkin on the White House reaction.
* Whatta coincidence. White House reports thinks the military needs a bigger role in disaster relief.
* South Dakota works to ban virtually all abortions.
* The high costs paid by ex-convicts.
* Survey finds conservatives are happier than liberals.
* New tactics for a new TV network.
* Ask a Mexican!

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With my surprise day off, Selene and I snuck out to catch Brokeback Mountain. Pretty damn good, I have to admit. They did an excellent job of portraying these flawed characters as real people, and Ang Lee's direction was back from a long hiatus. (Also, sponsored by the Wyoming tourism bureau. Sweeping vistas ahoy!) It wasn't just a standard star-crossed love story, but (like the cliche says)one that could only be told in the way that it was. Good stuff, highly recommended.

New trailers:
* Thank You For Smoking - Looks funny, but will only really work if they point out the hypocrisy of both sides of the smoking fence. The trailer *appears* to do that, but we shall see.
* On A Clear Day - OK, I'm officially tired of movies about the English Scottish overcoming insurmountable odds in some amusing fashion. Even if it does include that other hobbit. Time to move on, Hollywood.

Oscar predictions, tomorrow.