February 22nd, 2006


anthology of vague interest

Selene hit the doctor yesterday, found out what's going on, and got some meds to go with it. So she should be on the road to recovery soonly. Fingers crossed. (She fell asleep on the couch last night watching Eddie Izzard, was very cute.)

Decided that I was just too far behind, and I'm just gonna catch the rest of season two of Battlestar Galactica on DVD. It'll give Selene to catch up on season one. And me a chance to catch up on season one, since I didn't actually start until the start of season two. Heh. In related news, I finally watched the original miniseries, courtesy Netflix. And I only love Dr. Gaius more.

Random day off tomorrow. Money's tight, so, hanging around the house I wager. Saturday, Warmachine tourney at Dream Wizards, and bebe pickup in the evening. Sunday, work, bebe shenanigans. Monday, book club. (Guests and newcomers are always welcome.)

Later today, news, and a bonus, *two-fisted* treat.

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"George W. Bush's presidency is another era of overreaction at the expense of constitutional rights, but the prospects for a quick correction are not auspicious. Nothing has helped end earlier bouts of repression so much as the fact that the wars themselves came to a close, and nothing has so exposed our liberties to indefinite jeopardy as the conception of a 'war on terrorism' with no end."
-Paul Starr

Look, actual evidence of the growth of vice-presidential powers. (From the National Review Online, nonetheless.)

Lloyd Garver on Bush, Wendy's, and tax breaks.

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World's largest Windows error message.

The new emotion we feel for certain celebrities, between idolize and despise.