February 20th, 2006


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Selene is sick again. She was doing better yesterday, and was fine today, but this evening didn't treat her well at all.

Kind of missed most of the plans going on this weekend, which is a bummer. One was even here in Baltimore! Ah well. Hopefully, next week everyone will be hale and hearty and we can get things back on track.

Picked up bebe early today, headed to Bowie to hang out with my parents. (Look, a pic.) Parents are doing well. Agreed to make them a LiveJournal account of their own; need to come up with an amusing name now.

Tomorrow, bebe-ful day (no day care.)

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"Bush is determined to convert America into a permanent war economy. If we reject his priorities we can perhaps turn back a national disaster before it's too late."

"The Navy's general counsel warned Pentagon officials two years before the Abu Ghraib prison scandal that circumventing international agreements on torture and detainees' treatment would invite abuse."

Jimmy Carter, on why it is a mistake to cut funding to Palestine.

The White House has 1,000 days to get administration back on track.

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Today's headline: Tiger poo, the new black gold

Scientists urge churches to publicly back the teaching of evolution.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

actual transcript

[I decide to discuss President's Day with tze bebe.]

Me: Who's your favorite president, Zoe?
Bebe: Nana.
Me: Who's your second favorite president?
Bebe: Um, Shorty?

[Nana is my mom. Shorty is, in fact, my mom's dog.]

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"America's current real-world political issues will wind themselves into the lives of the heroes of Marvel Comics in Civil War, a seven-issue limited monthly series set to begin in May. In the series, the beliefs of many well-known Marvel characters, including Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Spider-Man, will be challenged."