February 18th, 2006


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Entertainment links:
* The top ten scifi films that were never made. (Courtesy Clive.)
* They are going ahead with a Prince Caspian movie. Also, Bourne Ultimatum is set to start filming in August (but do we really need five movies?)
* New Lara Croft chosen.
* Also in the works: a Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon!
* Best Week Ever reveals what they've learned from celebrity sex tapes.
* Oh, and how about a flamewar between Joss Whedon and Warren Ellis?

Also, this tribute comic to the son of comic book author Jeff Loeb is about the saddest thing I've read in a good long while. If you're at the store and you see Superman/Batman #26 on the shelf, pick it up.

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"From Hamas' victory in the Palestinian Authority to the resurgence of the theocrats in Tehran to the Talibanization of Southern Iraq, anti-Western religious extremists are in the ascendancy."
-Robert Scheer

Rumsfeld wants the government to back a "nontraditional information campaign", to fight the (PR) war on terror.

Republican party officials ask for church directories, prompting protests.

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Today's headline: Mascot Mayhem: Tree Suspended, Alcohol Cited

"NBC spent $613 million to get beaten in the ratings by a CSI, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and, especially, American Idol. (Perhaps the Olympics would get better ratings if they used amateurs again?)"
-Best Week Ever