February 9th, 2006


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"If Monday's hearing is any indication, the administration has a bit of a 'rust' problem about a surveillance program the proponents of which have asked the American people to 'trust them' to ensure that there are no excessive violations of privacy rights."
-Andrew Cohen (good read)

Welcome to America, 2006. At Guantanamo, prisoners are being strapped to chairs and force-fed through tubes.

"Online reference site Wikipedia blames US Congress staff for partisan changes to a number of political biographies."

BAGnewsNotes on the Coretta Scott King funeral.

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Howard Kurtz on 'the sleeper issue of our time,' the death of customer service.

Explorers search for the tomb of Genghis Khan.

A look at Ashura, the festival of devotion

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And then, there was dentist.

Head dentist in charge isn't sure what's up, thinks it might be a fracture under the filling, or an infection above the tooth. Or something. Gives us an appointment later for a tooth nerve specialist (endo-somethingorother.)

Endo dentist isn't sure what's up. Doesn't think it's a fracture under the filling. Theorizes on fixing other teeth with root canals. I say, no thanks, maybe next time. He brings in a gum-and-infection specialist, who loves the simile. He doesn't think it's an infection.

You'll note, at this point, we still don't know what it is.

However, I do have some vicodin, so now I can impersonate Dr. House.

Props to Selene for accompanying me through all this, despite the fact that she broke her finger in a tragic 'picking up a drink' accident. Also props to RQ for picking up the bebe while I was being investigated.