February 4th, 2006


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"Fox News says a new provision slipped into the Patriot Act by Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania Republican, would give the Secret Service virtually unchecked authority to make felony arrests of demonstrators inside a security perimeter at any 'special event of national significance,' even when the star of the show - like Bush or Cheney - isn't present. This would apply at any designated 'National Security Special Events,' even when the president is dead [Ronald Reagan's funeral procession] or not there [the Super Bowl.] What was once ranked as misdemeanor trespassing would be elevated to a federal felony. This is on top of FAA flight restrictions dictating that private pilots can't fly above Cheney's new Chesapeake Bay neighborhood even when the VP isn't home."
-Patt Morrison

Wow. New evidence of Libby's consistent deception. Bonus: the new 18 and 1/2 minute gap.

Reimagining the military for "the long war."

"Wearing a t-shirt is not a crime. Nor is political speech. There's something deeply creepy about the way in which the president is routinely secluded from hecklers, demonstrators or even hostile t-shirts. He's not a monarch. Even this one."
-Andrew Sullivan

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Permit me to brag, but my state rocks, sometimes. Maryland House defeats attempt to revive the gay marriage ban.

Some things, people can't agree on: Wikipedia meets partisan politics.