January 22nd, 2006


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A couple friends went and saw some good movie this weekend. To balance out the movie karma, Selene and I went to see Underworld: Evolution. Which was bad. Sure, we get some good vampire vs. werewolf action, and the convoluted plots and impractical clothing of the original. But, in a mistake reminiscent of the second Matrix movie, I think the Underworld crew got too caught up in themselves, and as a result lost some of the tight pacing and action of the original. All the same elements were there, but the package wasn't as fully formed as in the first one, so the whole really suffers.

New trailers:
* Silent Hill - Oooh. Different from the game, but lookin' creepy. (Bonus: directed by the guy who did Brotherhood of the Wolf.)
* Stay Alive - OK, movie dudes. If you have two trailers, both for horror movies about/based on video games, put the crappy one first. trust me on this.
* V for Vendetta - New trailer shows a lot more. Including some shots right from the book, and some things *distinctly not* from the book. I'm still interested (there seems to be enough of the original in there,) but the new one is much more Matrix-y.
* Ultraviolet - a.) Definitely, in no way, based on the TV show I made people watch. b.) I liked this movie a lot when I saw it when it was called either Aeon Flux or Dark Angel. c.) then again, I dig Equilibrium, so it might be fun.

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"...The survival rate among Americans hurt in Iraq is higher than in any previous war - seven to eight survivors for every death, compared with just two per death in World War II. But that triumph is also an enduring hardship of the war. Survivors are coming home with grave injuries, often from roadside bombs, that will transform their lives: combinations of damaged brains and spinal cords, vision and hearing loss, disfigured faces, burns, amputations, mangled limbs, and psychological ills like depression and post-traumatic stress."

Will America return to isolationism?

An update on how much the war is actually costing the country, and the price tag keeps growing.

Blue states make their own energy rules, to make up for the federal government's failings.

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Soderbergh wants to change how you watch movies, with a simultaneous release on DVD, cable, and the movie theater.

"But in many ways, my being fat also makes me pretty good for the economy."

Ten things we didn't know this time last week. (Bonus: how to survive a shark attack.)

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Right, so I'm well behind on all the pics I have to get online. So, naturally, I spent a fair amount of today tagging all my LJ posts from Tuesdays from the year 2004. At this rate, I'll be done... never.

Yep, I'm getting into this tagging business. If you're one of those people who likes reading my journal, but can't keep up because of all the news I post, you want to read the not news filter.

Some pictures, hopefully tonight. Mostly bebe holiday pics. Some ice skating and "other."

In other news, I really need to shower.