January 12th, 2006


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Awesome essay behind the scenes at Marvel Comics, looking at their financial woes and how they could have saved it. And the bad news. (Bonus: praise for Grant Morrison's brilliant run on New X-Men.)

Why TV is better than movies.

Cinescape names the best soundtracks of 2005.

"You know the cinematic device of juxtaposing an innocuous pop song against horrifying onscreen events... It turns out that this device, musical as it is, predates the era of sound film. And was used by Cecil B. DeMille, no less."

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"In Constitutional terms, as Chief Justice Roberts explained at his confirmation hearings, the right to an abortion is far more firmly built today than it was in Roe. But we're left with these well-organized groups. They were built to fight this fight, so they keep fighting it, over and over."
-David von Drehle, from his Alito hearing Q&A

Whoah. Army general pleads the fifth in relation to abuse cases.

Yeah, and the Congressional ethics committee? Still silent. This is *embarrassing*.

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Let's get cosmological: Einstein vs. dark energy.