January 10th, 2006


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Poor Selene is feeling under the weather. She's very cute when she's sick, but I still wish she was better.

In other house news, the dishwasher seems to be working now. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday's amusing bebe story:
Bebe was tooling around the floor, pretending she's a puppy. This is pretty typical. She's been having a nice, cute morning. She says she's going to give me a kiss, this is of course very sweet, so I say OK. She walks over, grabs my head, and licks my forehead. See, she meant puppy kisses. Little did I know.

Bebe birthday party this Sunday. She's three! We face the dreaded Chuck-E-Cheese. I was hoping we wouldn't encounter his grim visage for at least another year or two.

New season of The Shield starts tonight, dunno if I will have time for it with the current schedule. Meh. Been a challenge keeping up with other shows as is. More in that Selene would be coming into it, oh, four seasons behind. Still plotting to catch her up with Battlestar Galactica, though.

To do list is still amusingly out of control. Money remains bad. Note that we don't even have the new place yet. Feh.

In other work news, the cafeteria at work apparently re-opened yesterday, and the prices are apparently still ultra-cheap. Mmmmm. I'm going to investigate in a couple minutes. DETAILS TO FOLLOW.

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"Revisionist rhetoric notwithstanding, the founders left God out of the Constitution.and it wasn't an oversight." (Courtesy Iceman.)

Guess what? The government is opening your mail from abroad, to protect you from terrorism. Congrats.

Evidence that FEMA literally doesn't know what's going on with Katrina refugees.

"Most Americans believe that corruption in Congress is widespread, and even larger majorities support far-reaching reforms that would effectively end lobbying as it is currently practiced on Capitol Hill."
Also, polls show a real anti-incumbent vibe in the public.

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Good read: a centrist becomes a convert in the debate over glocal warming.

Spacecraft brings back comet dust.

ZOMG Aquaman TV pilot.

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Easiest way to kill a day and not get anything done?

Sit in a machine room sorting cable all day.

Rest of the week looks just as exciting too.


Now, to go deal with the Exchange outage.

rains, pours

Well, this evening my worst traffic fears were realized. A nasty accident on the one-lane section of 28 shut the whole thing down. Had to head all the way back to Georgia, then up to 108 and around. Just over an hour total.

On the other hand, the repairman came today, so we reportedly ave a working dishwasher and a no-longer-leaky faucet. And a certain someone is cooking me a tasty dinner. These are good things.

Now to go watch all the money I got from payday today go straight to bills. Feh.