January 7th, 2006


it's the big one, Elizabeth!

"The size and audacity of the Abramoff conspiracy was made possible only by an explicit and premeditated program initiated by Tom DeLay to strong-arm companies into hiring Republican lobbyists and, logic concludes, to strong-arm Republican members into accommodating Republican lobbyists... That is what made Abramoff possible. That is why this is a Republican scandal, even though he tried to bribe Democrats too."
-Dick Meyer (good read)

A new report gives a grim outlook on the future of Africa.

"From outside of the U.S., it may seem justified to conclude that the country of immigrants is backtracking."

Samuel Alito vs. James Madison. Also, Senator Kennedy outlines Alito's credibility problem.

A lesson from Katrina: in a disaster, pets matter.

Bam. Florida Supreme Court blocks school vouchers.

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"Archaeologists have unveiled two Iron Age 'bog bodies' which were found in the Republic of Ireland." Bonus: ancient hair gel.

DNA insight into cat evolution.

Rethinking advertising in a new era, one that's moved past the traditional commercial.

Baltimore, 'the fittest city'?