PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

To celebrate JubJub's new job, we had a tasty dinner at the Starlight Cafe in Alexandria. Mmmmm, flank steak. Afterwards, we retired to her abode for the new animated movie Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. Pretty good, I must say. I always forget how much I love the animated style (now over ten years old!) that they use for Gotham and the environs. Afterwards, a follow-up with the classic The Empire Strikes Back which we pretty much talked through, but was still worth it.

Now, a quick diversion into the awesome music at late o'clock on the radio. It appears 100.3 and 99.5 were having a contest to see who would give me the best aural pleasure on the long drive home. 100.3 came out of the gate strong with "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown." 99.5 matches that, however, with the lilting strains of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This." However, the fight was over with the one-two punch of 100.3 following "Piano Man" back to back with "One Fine Day." It was a karaoke-fest in my car, I assure you.

Woke up comparatively early for an IndyClix sealed box tournament at Dream Wizards. Goblin carpooled up. It was OK, only seven players (and the Judge played, because the regular Judge couldn't make it.) I went 1 and 2. Indy, by itself, is a weird environment (virtually no flyers, or healing, lots of stealth and BCF. We combined that with two wacky scenarios (detailed in comments below.) Anyways, I tied with another guy for Fellowship prize (aka, the Sportsmanship prize) and we rolled dice, and I came out victorious, with an LOBSTER JOHNSON LE to show for it! Very keen, as I am pro-Lobster Johnson.

Thereafter, Goblin invited us back to his place, where Decore provided us with a nifty meal of salsa chicken (and I scared the hell out of our hosts by going into a coughing fit halfway through the meal.) We then watched some of the Bills-Chiefs game, but gave that up at halftime.

Steph McMahon and HHH got married over the weekend. Here's a picture of the happy couple, and here are a couple guests, Mr. Foley and Mr. Edge.

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