PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

mixed batch

A quick note: I know we are heading into Oscar season, but I didn't expect the trailers before Dredd to be so... diverse.

New trailers:
* Les Miserables - I admit I wasn't expecting much out of this, but this extended clip talking about the making of the movie version, capturing the actors singing live on the set instead of lip-syncing to a recorded studio version, definitely caught my attention.
* The Last Stand - Schwarzenegger returns to the big screen in a fun action comedy with a ragtag group of local heroes. Much more what I was hoping The Expendables would be like. Strong maybe.
* Sinister - Found footage things-jump-out-at-you horror flick, yawn.
* Zero Dark Thirty - Kathryn Bigelow films the hunt for bin Laden. Interesting. And she's one of the few big-name directors who could really do that justice.
* The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - yep.
* Taken 2 - I actually haven't seen the first one yet, so all I can do is joke that they should have called it Takener.
* The Man With The Iron Fists - It's like they wrote this just for me. Can't wait.
* Silent Hill: Revelation - Looks a little more video-gamey than the last one, and maybe a little more over the top. So, ehn?

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